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EU-Trade has been working with mobility projects in Vilnius since 2005. We are an international organization that works in the field of education and training through programs funded by the European Union. Our knowledge and partnerships have enabled us to acquire great work experience in a wide range of fields.

We participate in actions of international mobility in the context of the new Erasmus Plus Program, with the role of hosting organization. In all these years EuTrade has been organizing internships for students from across Europe ensuring placements of high quality in many areas.

EU-Trade also has a great experience in receiving students who has started their paths of vocational training and has always provided the best experts in the field of education and training in the following activities: visits, meetings, discussions, and periods of vocational guidance, seminars and meetings on issues concerning the European Union (for example the analysis of different educational systems in Europe, the methods of teaching, their formal and non-formal education, cooperation between schools for the improvement of educational programs etc.).

Location(s) of work-placements

The Republic of Lithuania is located on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. The “old town”, the historical center of Vilnius, is one of the largest in Europe of the East. Most of the artistic and architectural heritage is concentrated here. Vilnius is also the seat of the central administration Lithuanian and hosts many centers of interest, economic, social and cultural policy of the country. The Lithuania’s capital and the most visited of the three capitals of the republics of the Baltic and one of the most beloved in the Eastern Europe. Very attractive from an architectural point of view, Vilnius offers countless places of cultural and social interest. Eu Trade office is located in the heart of the historical center of Vilnius, in universiteto g. 4, 01131 Lithuania.

Field(s) of internship

Being an international organization working in the mobility field, Eu Trade activities are mainly concentrated on EU funded mobility programs such us Erasmus Plus or EFS (European Social Funds) and other mobility programs funded by each EU country. Our interns learn how to deal with EU projects, work in the incoming sector getting in touch with foreign participants and dealing with all aspects of their internship and life in Lithuania. They also learn about how to develop projects, apply for funding or partnerships, dealing with customers and so on.


Detailed tasks of trainee

Being responsible of the marketing campaign, helping staff in the administrative sector, organize activities for foreign participants, contact foreign partners, graphic design tasks (if able), translate/create English or Italian documents, participate to cultural activities, preparing documentation for projects, organize and schedule meeting with participants, assist group leader with school participants, helping in improving the local network of partners, promote Eu trade activities, researching information related to EU projects.

Skills & Competences required

  • General understanding of how the European funding sector works and which are its main stakeholders and actors involved.
  • Good knowledge of at least English (B2 level, both for speaking and writing skills) is needed in order to procced with the implementation of tasks and communication with project partners.
  • Basic knowledge of text editing software and social media platforms.

Learning Outcomes expected

The trainee will learn how an international organization dealing with mobility projects works, how to make a budget, how to participate to projects and apply for them, how to develop them, how to solve urgent problematic issues, improve his/her language skills, learn about basic marketing strategies, deal with youngsters from all over Europe, organize events, making contact with local and international partners and so on. She/he will acquire self esteem, language skills and project management related duties knowledge.