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National Higher Education Consortium

Coordinates and awards scholarships for:

Students mobilities for Internship

for students of the NHEI partnering Universities

Students mobilities for Training

for technicaladministrative staff and teaching Staff of the NHEI partnering Universities

Students mobilities for Teaching

for teachers and researchers of the NHEI partnering Universities

These mobilities are intended to support professional development abroad, by means of on the job learning, teaching and education activities as well as job shadowing at one of the partnering University’s or public / private entities.  

Financial contribution is provided by the Erasmus+ programme’s Traineeship and Mobilities Grants.


  Interested to advance your skills?

  Matching your ambitions? 

The National Higher Education Consortium is constituted by specialized entities from Italy that include 8 Universities, 5 NGOs and 8 municipalities 

For students, academics and staff – registered at / working for – the partnering Universities, the consortium offers hundreds mobilities to various destinations abroad, thanks to its engaged hosting organizations – click to find out where here

NHEI facilitates and promotes: European mobility, intercultural dialogue, social entrepreneurship, and active citizenship 

Active and accredited since and 2014, by the European Education and Culture Executive Agency. NHEI accreditation was renewed in 2021 and therefore operational until 2027  

EACEA accreditation code: 2021-1-IT02-KA130-HED-000008081