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NEST is an umbrella organisation for promoting and execution of transnational mobility. The organization assists network partners to support adults/youth and functions as a hub for research and EU project design with a focus on impacting Berlin community, specifically the Wedding Neighborhood.

The NGO co-operates with stake holding parties throughout Europe with the intent to exchange best practices in education, adult training and employability, as well as in social inclusion and disadvantaged urban / rural development projects – with the objective to represent a transnational hub for innovation in NGO best-practices & coordination schemes between NGOs and stakeholders in Europe.

Today the NGO’s ambitions find NEST involved as partner and coordinator in more than 30 Erasmus+ KA2 VET, Adult and Sport projects.

PIC Number


Location(s) of work-placements

NGO Nest is based in TUECHTIG co-working space in the district of Wedding-Mitte, central rather area of Berlin.

The address is c/o TUECHTIG – Raum für Inklusion building D06 – 1st floor, Oudenarder Straße 16 13347 Berlin

Field(s) of internship

The internship will be carried out covering the following  topics: European project Management, European project cycle, European funds.


Detailed tasks of trainee

  • Week 1: Presentation to the company, general presentation of a training place, activities to be carried out, get in touch with the German culture and local context.
  • Week 2-4: Participation in the daily activities of the company. Update the database of the company, support to web page updating, management tasks, creation of logos for European and Local Projects, design of posters, brochures, video promos, PowerPoint presentation.
  • Week 4-8: Work with project team to develop new projects. Develop time management skills and the ability to be responsible for more than one project at a time. European Project Management. Use of internet social media tools for promotion and dissemination of different projects.
  • Week 8-10: Training in decisions and solving specifying IT problems. Improving communication skill and marketing abilities.
  • Week 10 – onward: Participation with new ideas, new activities (mainstreaming of the activities) and further deeper involvement within projects and partner relationships.

Skills & Competences required

  • General understanding of how the European funding sector works and which are its main stakeholders and actors involved.
  • Good knowledge of at least English (B2 level, both for speaking and writing skills) is needed in order to procced with the implementation of tasks and communication with project partners.
  • Basic knowledge of text editing software and social media platforms.

Learning Outcomes expected

  • The competence to elaborate, manage and implement projects in the field of organisational strategy.
  • The conception of creative innovative project proposals, to elaborate projects, to organise and manage them in order to fulfil the set goal, also involving IT skills of the candidate.
  • Get the project writing skills and marketing knowledge. Experience in European environment – project sector, communication and networking.
  • Skills and competences regarding the European Project Management, the functioning of the European Institutions, Communication, Web Page Design and digital graphic design.