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We are a development association with authority functions. We give funding for different project initiatives and our organisation hosts also Europe Direct Information Point. We work with different kind of projects to develope two subregions towns and munipalities.

PIC Number


Location(s) of work-placements

Satakunta region (mainly Kankaanpää town and/or surrounding municipalities)

Field(s) of internship

European union related information officer work


Detailed tasks of trainee

Depending on the trainees’ educational sector. We make collaboration also with municipalities and thus we can manage also training like teaching or sport activities, event management, youth work etc or other type of work.

To our office we take in regular basis trainees to help with administrative tasks, making some small surveys or international contacting, translations (texts if the trainee is capable). Social media reporting, blogwriting,

Skills & Competences required

  • Good level English language and ability to work with social media. Good social skills. Language skills in general.
  • The work is not similar every day necessarily so capacity to adapt.

Learning Outcomes expected

  • The competence to elaborate, manage and implement projects in the field of organisational strategy.
  • The conception of creative innovative project proposals, to elaborate projects, to organise and manage them in order to fulfil the set goal, also involving IT skills of the candidate.
  • Get the project writing skills and marketing knowledge. Experience in European environment – project sector, communication and networking.
  • Skills and competences regarding the European Project Management, the functioning of the European Institutions, Communication, Web Page Design and digital graphic design.