Priorities 2015

2015 Priority: SOCIAL TOURISM

All Partners’ NHEI Consortium strictly deals with education, training and labour market issues and their staff is highly specialized.

The main aim of the NHEI Consortium is:

  1. To encourage, through the mobility opportunities, the cooperation among the education, private, social partners and businesses sectors at national and transnational level for producing high-quality Traineeships’ learning-outcomes in an intercultural dimension addressed to increase the competitiveness of Italian students that are going to enter into the labour market.
  2. Offering traineeships addressed to develop New Skills for New Jobs and working on the basic studies for the recognition of their learning outcomes and qualifications (ECVET).
  3. Promoting the importance and the impact of the students’ mobility by issuing Europass MOBILITY certificates aimed to recognize the acquired skills whilst abroad.

MVNGO National Consortium